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Quick hits:

Scribly is hiring a content sales lead. This person will be tasked with leading the company's sales operations. Read the full job posting here.

The job:

There are a few important things to understand about this role:

Agency founders often do sales themselves. This is the case Scribly founder Dani Marcini. Agency founders also sometimes have a hard time handing off sales. If you apply and interview for this job, be sure to talk to Dani about how closely you'll work together. She obviously knows this role well and it's very important that the two of you work well together.

<aside> 💡 As a personal aside, I spent two years leading sales at a content agency. I agree wholeheartedly with Dani's requirement for past content experience. I could never have been successful at sales without really understanding the customer and the work they needed done. I've written quite a lot about my experience doing agency sales. You can about it here, here and especially here. I learned a ton doing sales and though I was skeptical at first, it has been one of the best careers moves I've ever made. I learned new skills and got way better at content marketing in the process.


Before you apply, make sure you're okay with a part-time gig that evolves into full-time work. This is a role for a freelancer or someone transitioning out of a full-time content job. It's also a job for a go-getter. Sales ain't easy but it a path that facilitates rapid growth.

The company:

Scribly is a content agency started by Dani Marcini in the summer of 2018. She was a freelance writer who discovered more demand than she could handle by herself. She's documented her journey in this interview, this interview and this AMA. She was also featured in this Wired piece. I highly recommend reading both to get a better understanding of Scribly.

Dani describes Scribly as a productized service, meaning that Scribly has developed a narrow offering which customers can for monthly. It's not wide-ranging work billed by the hour, it's an output-oriented model that is easy to understand, sell and consume. She's written quite a bit about this and it's all worth reading.

The benefits: