Our chat with Chameleon cofounder and CEO Pulkit Agrawal:


Our chat with Chameleon Head of Marketing Benjamin Brandall:



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Quick hits:

Chameleon is hiring a remote Head of Content. This person will manage a team of writers, own blog traffic numbers and do some writing of their own. Read the full job description here.

The job:

Most folks with the title "Head of Content" have 7-10 years of experience in the field. Chameleon is looking for three years of relevant experience—not just three years in the biz, but three years doing content, distribution and strategy. As Pulkit described in the video, they are focused on hiring for skill and not resume. This is a fantastic opportunity for a mid-career content marketer to lead content marketing at a B2B SaaS company.

There are a few things we really like about this job:

In addition, Chameleon is a bread-and-butter SaaS tool. You'll get to write about UX design, user psychology, product-led growth, etc. and gain experience in a burgeoning field (product management).

The company:

Chameleon was founded in 2015 by Pulkit Agrawal and Brian Norton. The company has raised $1.9 million but is profitable. There are currently 10 team members.

Chameleon helps solves a common software problem: product engagement. Its suite of tools helps other SaaS companies onboard new users, introduce users to new features and conduct in-app surveys.